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Belfast, Northern Ireland

We live in a world that is increasingly driven by fear and vengeance.  This documentary feature film will create a virtual dialogue between people who would never get the chance to talk with one other, as we look to locate that place in all of us that understands “ubuntu” – a South African word that means “I am because you are.”

The stage production of Truth in Translation has proven itself to be a surprisingly effective catalyst for dialogue. As we travel to outrageously diverse locations, we are meeting with people on the ground who are mobilizing towards healing, often independently or in spite of their governments. We all are able to break the silence imposed by fear and self-censorship when the questions are not asked in a political or diplomatic framework, but rather when we engage on an emotional level.

As this company of artists travel to active and post conflict zones around the world, where healing is either still in progress or has yet to begin, we find that wildly differing cultures in landscapes worlds apart are often reaching for the same thing. Personal stories of entitlement and victimization echo one another. The struggle to move past a state of conflict, while attempting to hang onto the very things that identify us, speaks across borders.

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