Letters of Support

My Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in what I believe is a marvellous and powerful exploration into events that transformed South Africa.

Michael Lessac, along with his wife Jackie, came to see me nearly three years ago and told me of their plans to do a theatre piece based on our commission for truth and reconciliation. I was delighted to learn that they intended to tell the story of our TRC through the eye of the interpreters who translated almost invisibly for all those years. It is a particularly poignant and insightful approach. The special dual point of witness experienced by these interpreters makes them the ideal story tellers to convey our hope and confidence in the future with truth and understanding compassion and humour.

If our story has a message of hope for others beyond our borders, if what happened here can inspire others who are struggling with atrocities of the past to find their way peacefully into a futrure with hope, then it is of vital importance that our story be told.

Since Michael and Jackie’s first visit they have spent a great deal of time in South Africa and have gained the deep understanding of our varied culture that is required to tell our story fully and universally. It is clear that they will never give up until this project is finished and for this I am grateful.

It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I endorse their work and encourage all who are able to support their efforts. We owe it to those who have suffered and to those whose task it is to build the future. God bless you

Desmond M Tutu Archbisop Emeritus

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