Letters of Support

To Whom It May Concern,

I want to offer my wholehearted support for the application by the Colonnades Theatre Lab, South Africa, for funds for the project, Truth in Translation.

Through my experiences in assisting countries working for truth, justice and reconciliation, I have come to the firm belief that South Africa needs to accept and share the gift that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been for the world at large. In more than 22 countries, people are looking to the South African model to assist them in their transition towards sustainable peace and a just society.

The Truth in Translation project was conceived as a means to find an artistic expression for this gift, while also giving South Africans an opportunity to reflect and debate the extent to which our country has in fact healed itself. Theatre has the unique ability to interact with audiences in an immediate and deeply personal way. The perspective of the translators allows for an accessible entry point for audiences as they engage in what promises to be a rich and powerful experience.

The project is also designed to invite audience response through workshops and forums, and has the potential to engage communities in a process of dialogue and healing. It should not be seen as only an exercise in preserving history, but also about creating a new history by sharing it theatrically and freshly with places within and outside our own country that have most need of it.

This very worthwhile project has been developed by an exciting company of South African talent, in collaborations with Michael Lessac and Hugh Masekela, and promises to be of the highest artistic quality. The process of research and development has been extensive, demonstrating integrity and a desire for authenticity, which go beyond several recent attempts, primarily in film, to address issues of conflict resolution and forgiveness through the medium of the TRC.

I strongly endorse the efforts of the Colonnades Theatre Lab, South Africa, to secure funding for this project.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Alex Boraine


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